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Dudek Paragliders is a manufacturer of the highest quality wings for paragliding and paramotoring. Our full range of products - from school to competition level paragliders - puts Dudek at the top of the list for many pilots. All our products are manufactured in Poland (European Union), making Dudek one of the few factories that doesn't outsource production to other countries.

Over the years, Dudek paragliders built a solid position in the PG/PPG world, reaching multiple world championship titles in many different categories. Constant research and development, computerized production process, very strict quality control measures and new facilities make Dudek Paragliders a leading brand, and a go to place for pilots looking for the best equipment!

Now, Dudek wings are available in the Canadian market for the best prices. Contact us for pricing and demo wings availibility.

We are also looking for dealers, so if you are running your own school, please contact us today.

Dudek Paragliders


  • Optic - recreation
  • Colt - XC sport
  • Universal - universal paraglider for PG/PPG
  • Nemo XX - your first wing with shark nose technology
  • Freeway XX - freestyle
  • Orca XX - tandem
  • Mach 1.1 - acro
  • Coden PRO - high performance XC machine


  • Snake - slalom wing
  • Nucleon WRC - sport
  • Nucleon XX - sport
  • Universal - universal paraglider for PPG/PG
  • Nemo2 Moto - your first wing
  • Hadron - high performance wing
  • ReportAir - versatile reflex wing
  • Synthesis2 - versatile reflex wing


  • ZigZag2
  • ZakoSpeed

These are just the most popular products. Dudek Paragliders offers wings, harnesses, reserve parachutes and hundreds of accessories. Stop by dudek.eu and check out the offers yourself.

Feel free to send us an email or call us at +1 226 663 4990 in case you have questions or are interested in products from Dudek Paragliders. We're here to help. DO NOT buy elsewhere before checking with us first. We are proud to offer the best support and pricing to our customers.

Multiple World Champions!

Safe, fun to fly, beautifully designed.

Dudek wings are state of the art products that outlast and outrun the competition..

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