Paragliding and powered paragliding training in Ontario

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About us

Paragliding is the simplest, most accessible and cheapest form of aviation. With us, you will start flying sooner than you think. We are based in London, Ontario and our training facilities are located around town.

Our course curriculum is built of practical training and ground school classes that include:

  • Canadian airspace regulations
  • radio communication and navigation
  • flight operation
  • human factors
  • safety procedures and gear safety
  • and more...

Students get textbooks covering material taught during the ground school, local aviation maps and a DVD with videos to help them understand the theory of flight and safety procedures even better. All that makes our students’ first steps into the world of aviation easier, safer and more enjoyable.

Why us?

Safety is the highest priority for us. Our school is insured, our instructors are certified by Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada and Transport Canada and instructors have current first aid certificates. We use brand new, safe and modern training equipment only! Our students are leaving our school well prepared to start flying solo. Our goal is to prepare students to pass HAGAR and ULTRA exams conducted by Transport Canada in regional test centres.

We offer packages that allow students get sign off in both paragliding (HPAC P1 Beginner/P2 Novice rating) and paramotoring (Transport Canada Basic Ultra-light limited to Powered parachutes licence).

We operate year-round. In the summer, we train and fly around London, Ontario, upstate New York and Ohio. In winter, we do trips to locations you'll have never before heard of! Our trips are "all inclusive". We provide loads of fun and adrenaline. We live like locals, travel the local way, eat the local way and sleep the local way.

Check our incoming trip details now so you don't miss an adventure of a lifetime. Instructor

Darek Magusiak :: HPAC Certified Paragliding Instructor

Darek Magusiak

Transport Canada Rated Ultralight Flight Instructor

HPAC Certified Paragliding Instructor

You are in a good company

We are direct importers and distributors for a few leading gear manufacturers. Dudek Paragliders, Advance, Skywalk Paragliders and few other brands are trusting our expertise to sell their equipment. Please contact us for demo wings availability or pricing.


Travel the world. Fly!

Paragliding is traveling. It’s a constant quest for best flying conditions.

We travel the world, learn new cultures, fly in places we’ve never flown before. What you are embarking on is a journey. It starts in Ontario, but will take you to marvelous new destinations. You will meet like-minded individuals who share your passion and will set off with them to fly. And there is no better way to see the world then by soaring above the sights and looking off into new horizons. If you are a person who wants to experience something amazing in your lifetime, this is your calling.

Last trip

Mexico, the best cure winter blues

Mexico, Tenancingo de Degollado. A beautiful, small town located around 100km south-west from Mexico City. How to describe this trip in one sentence: Real Mexico and great flying. The place isn’t visited by tourists so it’s as real as it gets. Amazing place if you want to leave your normal life at home and go for an adventure. Contact us today to hear what we are planning next :)

  • We were greated with blue skies, amazing clouds and light thermals
  • At cloud base
  • Flying between clouds
  • Going back to the casa after day of flying
  • Malinalco valley
  • View shortly after taking off from La Malinche
  • Natural, fresh and one of a kind juices made of local fruits...
  • La Malinche take off
  • Ray soaring above the La Malinche
  • Riding on the back of a pickup, why not


Below you can find answers to questions that we get asked the most.

  • Are you jumping off a cliff?


    When paramotoring, we launch and land on flat meadows. The field has to be without obstacles and it has to be 200 feet long to take off and land safely. We use an engine mounted on shoulder harnesses to climb into the air.

    When paragliding, we take off from the top of a mountain or via a towing device called a winch using rising columns of air (thermals). Paragliding is free flight - meaning there is no engine involved. It’s all about the learned ability to use the forces of nature to fly - exactly the same way it’s done by soaring birds.

  • How high can you get?

    When flying paramotor, our cruising altitude most often varies between 750 and 2200 feet. Altitude is limited by airspace regulations in the area where flight is taking place.

    When paragliding, altitude changes all the time as we follow terrain shape (hills and valleys). We climb in thermals and descend in sinks. Perfectly normal flight can reach heights of 5000 feet. Altitude is limited by airspace regulations and by cloud base.

  • How long can you stay up?

    In paramotoring, flight time is limited by meteorological conditions and the amount of fuel we have. Usually it’s enough for 3 to 4 hours of flight, which is enough to cover 120 to 150km distance.

    Flight time in paragliding is limited by meteorological conditions and the pilot’s ability to stay up using thermals. Since we don’t have engines when paragliding, it’s all about the experience, strategy and goals that pilots set for themselves. The current world record in distance flight was set in South Africa on a flight over 500 km long. Flight time in this exceptional case was 11 hours.

  • Can I learn this on my own?

    You can choose to learn on your own. But doing so means putting your personal safety at risk. Training is extremely important because you get expert guidance to avoid the mistakes beginners can make. It is smarter and safer to go through professional training.

    You will also need a Basic Ultralight licence, issued by Transport Canada, to fly your paramotor legally, buy insurance, go to fly-ins, etc. You will need to write ULTRA exam and obtain letter of recommendation from a Canadian instructor that has a current certification from TC to get your license. Even if you were trained in the US, you will still need to do all these steps in order to fly legally in Canada.

    In paragliding, if you have foreign licence (backed by IPPI card), we can help you get the license transferred over so you keep your rating!

  • Para... what?!

    Paragliding is an adventure sport where pilots fly for recreation and compete in various ways. It’s all about learning how to use forces of nature to stay in flight.

    Paramotoring, also called powered paragliding, is a form of ultralight aviation where the pilot wears a motor (called a paramotor) on their back, which provides the necessary thrust to take off and stay airborne. Paramotor pilots fly cross-country and compete in speed flying (slalom racing), economy (ability to staying flight longest with a limited supply of fuel), navigation (flying through given points on maps) and in many other ways.

    In both cases, pilots can pack their aircrafts into backpacks, takeoff and land pretty much anywhere. You can store your gear in your basement, closet or even under your bed :)
    All this makes paragliding and paramotoring the most accessible form of aviation.

  • Is this safe?

    Absolutely! However, you have to remember that both paragliding and paramotoring are considered to be extreme sports. Like every sport, paragliding and paramotoring can be fatal if performed under influence of drugs or alcohol. When safety rules and air regulations are followed, meteorological conditions are properly assessed and the pilot follows proper training protocol, safety is maintained.

    Safety is a major part of our training and all these factors are covered by our ground school.

  • How long is the training?

    Powered paragliding and paragliding are weather dependant sports. It’s not possible to fly when it’s raining, snowing or when the wind is too strong.

    The first part of training is 2 days of ground school where students learn the theory of flight and everything else they need to know to fly safely.

    The second part of training is practical training. Students usually need around 15 - 20 hours of ground handling (wing control) training to get ready for their first flight. Flights are supervised by our instructors to ensure that students are operating their aircrafts in a safe way. Radio communication is maintained at all times.

  • How expensive is it?

    You should instead ask how fun it is! Since fun is priceless, it doesn’t really matter how expensive the gear and training are. It’s all about adrenaline and fun, the best drugs for stress and a busy life!

    To start paragliding, you will need around $6000 to buy entry level gear. To start paramotoring you will need around $8000. Training starts at $400 and depends on the type of training you require. Use these prices as a reference because lots of stuff in paragliding and paramotoring are regulated by their “cool factor”. The cooler you want to be, the more it will cost you :)

    PG / PPG training when compared to the cost of getting a recreational pilot's licence is almost 10 times cheaper. Renting a plane can cost thousands and you are always tied to airports. PG/PPG you can take off and land pretty much anywhere.

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