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Dudek Combo Harness

Dudek Paragliders

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Combo 2023 was designed for new pilots. It’s perfect for training and recreation.

Compared to the old Combo, the new Combo 2023 has:

  • integrated reserve parachute container
  • V-tape riser for the reserve parachute
  • set of carabiners 
  • radio pocket on the shoulder strap
  • three sizes (S, M, L)

Combo 2023 uses a certified airfoam protector with a thickness of 15 cm. The pilot’s back is protected by an additional airfoam cushion. The lower part of the harness is protected by an easy-to-replace, abrasion-resistant plastic plate to protect this part of the harness from abuse by novice pilots.

Harness is EN certified and has EN1651/LTF91/09 load test certification. 


Size Weight (kg) Pilot height (cm) Protector (cm)
S 3.06 160-169 15
M 3.13 167-182 15
L 3.65 180-192