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Dudek Run & Fly 2

Dudek Paragliders

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The lightest and smallest paraglider in the world! It is record light, so you can carry it with you when you run or climb, hike and travel. Accordingly, it is so small that it fits in a 4 liter bag. It will also work great as a second wing that you can always have at hand—you can easily fit it in your hand luggage while traveling by plane.


  • the wing fills up and goes over the head without the pilot’s participation,
  • you don’t have to lift the A risers or watch the brakes; just walk ahead and the wing will rise over your head by itself,
  • it is easy to control, responds well to brakes and forgives a lot


  • direct control is extremely intuitive
  • the wing moves minimally overhead, but never shoots forward, returns to its normal position all by itself, without unpleasant swings,
  • remains safe and stable at all times, even without the participation of a pilot,
  • exiting the spiral: without the pilot’s intervention, it quickly returns to the correct position, with a very small jump in front of the pilot.


Run & Fly 2 can land with a flat flare. It is important to give it as much speed as possible during the final approach. Be careful though – if the pilot brakes too hard, the flare will not work.


New Materials

The leading edge of Run & Fly 2 is made of double-impregnated Porcher Sport fabric, which is more durable. Similarly, the main ribs are now made of Hard Finish 32.

Also the lines are changed. The colors of the lines depend on the row and gallery level. This makes the ground handling easier. The colored lines are also better visible against the rocks, from which pilots of our single-shell aircraft often take off.






Takeoff weight ranges in kg: Weight Take-off weight (load) Certificate
14 0,94 kg 45-105 kg EN: 926-1
16 1,04 kg 45-105 kg EN: 926-1
18 1,13 kg 50-105 kg EN: 926-1
20 1,20 kg 60-105 kg EN: 926-1



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