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Dudek Hadron 3

Dudek Paragliders

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Hadron 3 has been designed as a solid vehicle for fast covering the ground. It features wide speed range, precise steering and great performance.

It launches flawlessly and easy, smoothly rising up. Does not stay behind, even with trimmers set at slow and nil wind.

Reflex airfoil of Hadron 3 stays almost constant, and the speed system can be safely used at all trimmer settings. When cutting through lift or turbulence the canopy stays over your head with only slight nicking, so it doesn’t require your constant attention.

Suitable for pilots with 50-60h airtime. 

Takeoff weight ranges in kg: PPG Max*
16 80-100 115
18 90-110 130
20 100-120 140
22 110-130 155
24 120-150 170

* for experienced pilots 





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