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Nucleon 4 was designed for intermediate pilots who have already solidly mastered the art of reflex wing flying and are familiar with their specific features. One of them is unique resistance to turbulence, and the only requirement for this legendary reflex safety is to ‘speed up’, meaning the release of trimmers and brakes with an optional pressing the speedbar, which can be used in any trimmer configuration.

A very easy launch, comfortable steering and a pleasant flare at landing are standard in our designs, but in the Nucleon 4 it has been even increased. We improved the flight economy as well.

The spectrum of operation is wide, from recreational and cross-country flying to classic paramotor competitions.

Suitable for pilots with 50-60h airtime. 

Takeoff weight ranges in kg: PPG Max*
18 70-100 110
20 80-110 125
22 90-120 135
24 100-130 150
26 105-140 160
28 115-150 175

* for experienced pilots 





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