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Dudek Cabrio

Dudek Paragliders

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The Cabrio is dedicated for paramotor tandems, especially heavier two-seater trikes (PPGG).

The outline of the Cabrio is similar to our regular tandem paraglider, the Orca 4. Strengthened structure and rigging allow for optimal load distribution along the entire wingspan. 

The FlexiEdge stiffeners, inner reinforcements and mini-ribs make sure the profile is exactly reproduced and stabilized. Mini-ribs on the trailing edge also allow it to be slender and reduce ballooning, thus significantly improving the airflow. Based on the DRA (Dudek Reflex Airfoil) technology, the Cabrio aerodynamic profile is additionally equipped with shark-nose, thanks to which the pressure inside the canopy is higher and more stable over a wide speed range.

Takeoff weight ranges in kg: PPG Max*
30 110-300 350
34 130-350 400
38 160-400 450
42 210-475 500

* for experienced pilots