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Dudek Hike&Cruise

Dudek Paragliders

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 The Hike&Cruise paraglider is designed to be exceptionally lightweight with a double-skin construction, making it ideal for Hike&Fly adventures, bivouac flights, and as a primary wing for free flying.

Boasting a broad speed range and remarkable agility in steering, the Hike&Cruise is the preferred choice for pilots seeking a distinctive airborne experience. Its compact design allows for easy packing into a small bag, facilitating effortless ascents and descents, as well as extended flights utilizing thermals.

Equipped with the innovative 3-to-1 technology, this paraglider ensures a combination of excellent performance and reduced canopy weight, contributing to an enjoyable and exciting flying experience.

Wing Behavior

Flying with the Hike&Cruise provides a completely new sensation, capable of surprising even the most experienced pilots due to its uniqueness. The paraglider is distinguished by an exceptionally broad speed range, primarily attributed to a significant reduction in stall speed. Despite the extended brake travel, wing control remains precise and agile throughout the entire speed range, particularly at low speeds, and across the entire take-off weight range, especially at lower weights.

The capability to execute tight turns at low speed facilitates easy thermalling, even in exceptionally narrow cores, showcasing the paraglider's remarkable ability to gain altitude. The wing responds effectively to directional corrections using the rear risers, leading us to secure the steering bars on the C risers.

The flight experience is marked by a heightened sense of security. The canopy demonstrates exceptional resistance to collapses and responds promptly to them. Additionally, the wing exhibits efficient auto-stabilization, quickly returning over the pilot's head without any tendency to overshoot.

Hike&Cruise is EN B certified, with EN A certification for size 25. However, this paraglider is not intended for novice pilots or training purposes. The wing is dedicated to Hike&Fly, and this discipline inherently demands more experience and skills from the pilot. The handling of the Hike&Cruise also requires additional care due to the use of lightweight materials, thin straps, and lines in its construction.





Size Weight Take-off weight  Certificate
19 2.37 kg 50-75 kg EN/LTF B
22 2.62 kg 65-90 kg EN/LTF B
25 2.86 kg 85-105 kg EN/LTF A



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