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Beamer 3 reserve parachute

High Adventure

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#100 Light, #130 Light and #130 Standard are in stock and ready to ship. Please allow 5 - 8 weeks for delivery for other sizes.
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In 1995, the Beamer opened a new chapter in the history of paraglider reserve parachutes; and the rogallo concept changed the scene forever. Manufactured in Europe with the highest quality quaranteed, Beamer became today's standard for steerable reserve parachutes.

Fast opening, low sink speed, steering and flying forwards are the Beamer’s specialities!

Beamer 3 steerable reserve parachute

The Beamer 3’s special shape and particular folding technique help it open up to 50% faster than normal round reserves.

Assuming a reserve is open with its paraglider in a stable situation the next most important thing is sink speed. Low wing loading and modest forward speed give the Beamer 3 an unrivalled low sink rate. The EN certification authority has confirmed a sink rate of 3.9 m/s at maximum weight of 130 kg (without the paraglider). The additional braking effect of a paraglider reduces this value to less than 3m/s.


Stability and safety

After reserve opening, the paraglider can stay attached (in the usual emergency situation – no quick release/cutaway). After a fast opening, the Beamer 3 quickly takes control. It goes into very slow forward flight and therefore does not encourage the paraglider to disturb it. The Beamer 3 achieves its stability, among other things, by its low wing loading.

The Beamer 3 can be stowed in any harness reserve compartment or in a front container. It can be used by paramotor pilots as long as they are within the certified weight range.

Repacking your Beamer

Before packing, the reserve must be visually checked by the packer; then the reserve should be aired in a humidity of 60–65% for 24 hours. Packing should be done on a packing table if possible, or at least on a clean static-free surface.

The reserve must be aired every 6 months and repacked in accordance with the packing instructions. This will ensure a reliable and fast opening every time. If the reserve gets wet, damp, or becomes exposed to extreme heat, it must be aired straight away and repacked.

If the reserve is thrown in an emergency or during SIV training, it should be inspected by the manufacturer or a service centre. The reserve should also be thoroughly checked by a qualified person if it gets overloaded (e.g. tree landing).

Beamer 3 Owner's Manual

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