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Flow Cosmos 2

Flow Paragliders

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After 5 years of releasing the original Cosmos, Flow Paragliders are proud to introduce Cosmos 2.

Following our technological advancements in paragliding air foil technology, sail tensioning, line- and risers’ geometry, they are now able to introduce these amazing improvements into this glider.

The Cosmos 2 is even more exciting and fun to fly. A glider with enough performance to fly the world, be it a 200km flight in the flatlands of Australia or big triangles in the Alps - the Cosmos 2 can do it all. Offering incredible passive safety and an easy and intuitive rear riser steering for cruising the skies and gliding from one thermal to another, Cosmos 2 allows the pilot to focus more on the conditions and less on the glider overhead.

Cosmos 2 revolutionary air foil as it offers enhancements in performance adding further collapse resistance and pitch stability ultimately translating to a more enjoyable and safer flying experience.

Sizes KG Range Certificate 
XS 60-85 EN B
S 70-95 EN B
M 85-110 EN B
L 100-120 EN B



Cosmos2 by Flow Paragliders