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Paramotor dust cover - The Parasock

Parajet Paramotors

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The stretch fabric will help keep your machine in top condition.

Not only does it look great, it will aid in protecting your machine from hangar dust while in storage, whether in your living room or garage, as well as during transportation to your flying site.

  • Stretchy fabric that fits your Parajet Maverick and Parajet Zenith like a glove. 
  • Will fit with or without props fitted to a Parajet Maverick (if fitted, we recommend use in conjunction with prop covers).
  • Elasticated clips at the bottom of the cover provide secure attachment to your Maverick or Zenith.
  • 0.6kg total weight



  • Parasock Protective Cover not suitable for the Parajet Volution 3 range
  • The fabric is not waterproof
  • The cover is not to be used when transporting your paramotor with your car. It acts as a sail!!!

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