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Dudek Orca 5

Dudek Paragliders

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Orca 5 is an universal tandem of the EN B class with excellent performance. It takes off with ease, is easy and precise in steering, complete with smooth landing. It provides the highest passive safety level, with glide ratio similar to single-seaters.

Orca 5 inflates very well and rises up smoothly, with no tendency to lag behind. It is easy to stabilize and takes off with a touch of brakes. On landing approach, relatively small amount of braking significantly reduces speed and allows for a gentle touchdown. These features are especially important when flying with a passenger, so a lot of effort went into refining them to perfection.

The Orca 5 comes with new, LTF certified tandem spreaders:


* carabiners not included

Takeoff weight ranges in kg: PG
42 120-220