Beamer 3 reserve parachute.

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Beamer 3

In 1995, the Beamer opened a new chapter in the history of paraglider reserve parachutes; and the rogallo concept changed the scene forever. Manufactured in Europe with the highest quality quaranteed, Beamer became today's standard for steerable reserve parachutes.

Fast opening, low sink speed, steering and flying forwards are the Beamer’s specialities!

Beamer 3 Light

Is the Beamer 3 Light just the same? It’s similar to the Beamer 3, but different in a few key ways. At 1370 grams, the Beamer 3 Light is one of the lightest steerable parachutes on the market. The Beamer 3 Light’s ultralight fabric and lines are also suitable for SIV training and practice throwings over water.

Technical information

  • Max load
  • Weight
  • Sink rate (max)
  • Opening time (EN Test)
  • EN Certificate

B3 Small

  • 90/100 kg
  • 1590 g
  • 3.8m/s
  • 2s
  • Yes


  • 130 kg
  • 1785 g
  • 3.8m/s
  • 2s
  • Yes

B3 Light Small

  • 90/100 kg
  • 1180 g
  • 3.8m/s
  • 2s
  • Yes

B3 Light

  • 130 kg
  • 1370 g
  • 3.8m/s
  • 2s
  • Yes

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Beamer 3 steerable reserve parachute

The Beamer 3’s special shape and particular folding technique help it open up to 50% faster than normal round reserves.

Stability and safety.

After reserve opening, the paraglider can stay attached (in the usual emergency situation – no quick release/cutaway). After a fast opening, the Beamer 3 quickly takes control. It goes into very slow forward flight and therefore does not encourage the paraglider to disturb it. The Beamer 3 achieves its stability, among other things, by its low wing loading.

The Beamer 3 can be stowed in any harness reserve compartment or in a front container. It can be used by paramotor pilots as long as they are within the certified weight range.


  • It opens very fast. Below 2s.
  • It has very low sink rate - no other reserve on the market has a better descent rate. Round reserves’ sink rate goes far above 5m/s. The Beamer’s sink rate, tested in certification, was between 3.6 and 3.8m/s depending on pilot weight.
  • It is very stable in flight. Stability, among other things, is achieved by its low wing loading.
  • Beamer allows steering and flying forward. No round reserve can do that; you land where the wind and your reserve take you. The Beamer 3 gives you the ability to fly away from places you don't want to be. The canopy reacts immediately to steering commands and sinks at its slowest rate.
  • LIGHT. 1835 g in large size and 1230 g in small light size.
  • Up to 14 years of operating life.


  • It's expensive. Well, yes it costs more initially than round reserves do. Here is the catch though; most round reserves can only be used for up to 10 years. Beamers can be in operation for up to 14 years and that makes their price very comparable because of the added lifetime value.
  • It's complex packing. Beamers pack differently. At this point, you should ask yourself: would you rather have reserve that gives you far more options to escape with no consequences when you have to use it, or just a reserve that is easier to pack?
  • It's to be repacked every 6 months. See above :)


Before packing, the reserve must be visually checked by the packer; then the reserve should be aired in a humidity of 60–65% for 24 hours. Packing should be done on a packing table if possible, or at least on a clean static-free surface.

Repacking and checking intervals.

The reserve must be aired every 6 months and repacked in accordance with the packing instructions. This will ensure a reliable and fast opening every time. If the reserve gets wet, damp, or becomes exposed to extreme heat, it must be aired straight away and repacked.

If the reserve is thrown in an emergency or during SIV training, it should be inspected by the manufacturer or a service centre. The reserve should also be thoroughly checked by a qualified person if it gets overloaded (e.g. tree landing).

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