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  • Dudek Freeway
  • Advance Sigma 9
  • Dudek Universal
  • Advance Epsilon 7

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We are direct importers and distributors for a few leading gear manufacturers. Dudek Paragliders, Advance, Skywalk Paragliders and few other brands are trusting our expertise to sell their equipment. Please contact us for demo wings availability or pricing.

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Available for sale (in stock & priced to sell)

Dudek Paragliders

Paragliding wings

  • Nemo XX 25 - used
  • Nemo 4 23, 28, 31 - new
  • Orca - tandem - demo

Paramotoring wings

  • Nemo XX 25 - used
  • Nemo 4 23, 28, 31 - new
  • Hadron 1.1 24 - demo


  • Advance Impress3 XL - like new
  • Advance Progress3 L & M - new
  • Independence Pilot (tandem harness) - used
  • Independence Passenger (tandem harness) - used


Why Independence Annular EVO?

  • Extremely high standards for material selection and production
  • Well-proven annular shape
  • Low sink rate
  • Low pendulum risk
  • Very low weight, light and durable material
  • Ram air pockets: for the fastest and most reliable opening ever achieved in annular parachutes
  • New deployment container technology for fast opening
  • Clearly visible fabric colour: orange
  • Certified according to LTF 35/03 and EN 12491

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