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Default configuration:
standard speedbag, no windshield
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The new LIGHTNESS 3 offers comprehensive comfort both in flight and handling, and there’s even more protection. A new choice of standard or light speedbag results in a wider range of uses; there’s also the option of a windshield, which significantly raises flying comfort on long distance flights.

  S M L
Pilot height 155-172 165-183 178-200
Total weight 3.25kg 3.50kg 3.85kg
LIGHTPACK 3 size 83 L 83 L 91 L


Delivery package:

  • Harness with standard or light speedbag, incl. carbon footboard and integrated cockpit
  • Detachable instrument board with standard speedbag
  • Step-in aid with light speedbag
  • EN/LTF certified foam protector under the seat area
  • SAS-TEC back guard
  • Comfort foam for the back
  • 2 Edelrid ALIAS carabiners
  • Reserve connection lines, reserve handle attached to four-flap inner container
  • Speed system
  • “Getting Started” booklet

Optional Extras:

  • Detachable windshield, only compatible with standard speedbag
  • Step-in aid for standard speedbag
  • Radio pocket for shoulder harness

One year manufacturer warranty.

As part of the ADVANCE warranty, we undertake to rectify any defects in our products that are attributable to manufacturing faults. In order for a warranty claim to be made, ADVANCE must be notified immediately on discovery of a defect, and the defective product sent in for inspection. The manufacturer will then decide how a possible manufacturing fault is to be rectified (repair, replacement of parts or replacement of the product).

This warranty is valid for three years from the date of purchase of the product. Warranty and Service Intervals begin from the date of the first flight, recorded on the identification plate. If no date is evident the applicable date is that on which the harness was transferred from ADVANCE to the ADVANCE dealer.

The ADVANCE warranty does not cover any other claim. Claims in respect of damage resulting from careless or incorrect use of the product (e.g. inadequate maintenance, unsuitable storage, overloading, exposure to extreme temperatures, etc.) are expressly excluded. The same applies to damage attributable to an accident or normal wear and tear.

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