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Advance Alpha 7

Advance Paragliders

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The ALPHA 7 benefits from a simple lining design, with few support points and lines. This simple array is easy to see and quick to sort. The ALPHA 7 is straightforward to takeoff and fly. Weight is minimal, achieved by a sophisticated internal structure and state-of-the-art construction materials.

Innovative design technology gives the ALPHA 7 plenty of safety reserves. High internal wing pressure is maintained by the combination of an “Air Scoop” leading edge and the traditional ADVANCE semi-circular air intakes. This feature ­gives the ALPHA 7 a very low stall point and unmistakably clear and progressive brake loading. The pilot gains a significant safety plus from these handling advances.

The ALPHA 7 was not just designed for learning; it is especially suitable for what comes after. It’s intended for pilots who appreciate a lot of safety when combined with notable performance. Through its modern design technology – including “3D-Shaping” at the leading edge and an intricate diagonal rib concept - it demonstrates a very respectable performance level among A-Class wings.

Its exceptional take off character and pronounced damping in all axes make the ALPHA 7 ideally suited to paramotor flying. All sizes have DGAC paramotor certification. Paramotor risers with trimmers are available as an option, and the trimmers can be stowed away in the main carabiners for free flight.

Sizes KG Range Extended KG Range  Certificate 
22  50-70 70-85 EN A / DGAC
24  60-80 80-95 EN A / DGAC
26  70-95 95-110 EN A / DGAC
28  85-110 110-125 EN A / DGAC
31  100-130 130-145 EN A / DGAC





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